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We don't leave you stranded.  When your vehicle is in for service, we will gladly drop you off and pick you up.

Need a tow to the shop?  Call us and we'll handle it from there, including billing.  For off-hour Emergency service call Scotty's Wrecker Service at 972.245.4476.

Parking fills up quickly from early morning drop-offs.  We recommend parking in the main center lot or behind the building when spaces in front of the office are full.  Please park in a designated space.  Parking on the red fire line may result in an expensive ticket!




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Summer Maintenance Specials


Ready for the heat?  How about your car?  Here are a couple of maintenance specials that will help keep you cool and safe in the summer.




Air Conditioning Service

Freon cools the inside of your car.  When it gets low, your A/C works harder and cools less than it should (and also hurts gas mileage).  At little Freon loss is normal.  Anything more indicates the system has leaks that need to be plugged before your A/C quits altogether. 

Price: Please Contact us for Details


Cooling System Flush & Fill

Your engine has it's own cooling system that needs regular service.  Coolant/anti-freeze runs through the engine absorbing heat and then releases it through the radiator.  Corrosion can gum up the radiator, preventing heat to escape and causing the car to overheat.  A coolant flush and fill clears any blockage and replenishes the coolant's anti-corrosive qualities.

Price: Please Contact us for Details

Maintenance Startup

CTAstartup_smallIf you haven't followed a good maintenance schedule, been hopping from shop-to-shop, or just want a little extra peace-of-mind, ask for our Maintenance Startup service.  The objective is to get your car's maintenance up-to-date based on its condition, age, and mileage (records of work done by others always helps).  You receive a list of necessary and optional work, prioritized by risk (if any), so that you can get back on track at a manageable pace.   

Price: Free with scheduled maintenance

Warranty Check

CTAJustin_smallGet the feeling cars were designed to fall apart just after the warranty ends?  While we hope this is not the case, it sure is frustrating to find out that your car needs work that would have been covered a few weeks back when the warranty was still valid.

Here's what we suggest: bring your car in for normal maintenance and tell us you want a Warranty Check.  While we have it in the garage, we'll see if we can find anything covered under the warranty that needs attention.  Then schedule a trip to the dealer with your work list in hand before the warranty runs out.  We may not find anything, but if we do, it could save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of frustration.   

Price: $29 or Free with scheduled maintenance

Trip Check

breakdown_smallPlanning a trip out of the Metroplex?  Why not go with a little peace of mind?  Bring your car in for normal maintenance and ask for a Trip Check a week or two before you leave.  While we can't guarantee a problem free drive, we'd rather you not leave with guaranteed problems.

Finding yourself stranded away from home can be unnerving.  If you have car troubles and would like a second opinion, give us a call.  Based on the symptoms and the records we keep on your car, we may be able to narrow down the cause.  At least you'll get our opinion on the diagnosis and price.  It's worth a call! 

Price: $29 or Free with scheduled maintenance

Used Car Check

UsedCar_smallThinking of buying a used car?  Swing it by for a good checkout.  Most legitimate sellers won't have a problem with a car inspection.  If they object, it's probably best to walk away.

We check for hidden accident and water damage, make sure all system's are pass-ready and there are no hidden trouble codes, and look for other maintenance and repair needs.

Whether you leave with fodder to negotiate price or the knowledge not to buy, the used car check is well worth the investment! 

Price: $75


Are you getting a good deal?  Check out the Kelly Blue Book Used-Car Value.



Relying on a CARFAX report alone can misfire.  Check out this CBS News report: "Car History Reports Fall Short".



Looking for a great gift?


Maintenance Gift Card - saves $60+

Pre-paid Maintenance Gift Cards, offering four standard oil & filter changes plus two tire rotations are available at the shop. OilCheck_small

Vehicles should have their oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles, especially in the Texas heat.  Tire rotations are recommended every 6,000 miles.

The card saves you $62 over the regular out-the-door price. Better yet, we use 5w30 synthetic-blend oil as our "standard", which is normally a costly upgrade elsewhere.  Buy it for a new driver, friend, or best of all, yourself.

Price: $119.95*


*up to five quarts of synthetic- blend oil and a house filter.



Price: Please Contact us for Details
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