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We don't leave you stranded.  When your vehicle is in for service, we will gladly drop you off and pick you up.

Need a tow to the shop?  Call us and we'll handle it from there, including billing.  For off-hour Emergency service call Scotty's Wrecker Service at 972.245.4476.

Parking fills up quickly from early morning drop-offs.  We recommend parking in the main center lot or behind the building when spaces in front of the office are full.  Please park in a designated space.  Parking on the red fire line may result in an expensive ticket!




While Shannon is the Master Mechanic and face of Coppell Tire & Auto, Margaret, his wife and co-owner, runs the financial side.  Always looking out for our customers, Margaret also gets credit for all the creature comforts you'll experience at the shop.

Along those lines, Margaret felt we needed to better address the concerns of our many women customers.  So here is the start of her column, Woman to Woman, offering tips and guidance from a female perspective.  Additional posts can be found on our News Blog.

Everyone should be vigilant when driving, but women, either driving alone or with small children, need to be extra careful. Unfortunately, predators tend to target women as easy prey.  So what can we do to minimize our risk?  Here are a few tips - Woman to Woman.
  • Stay Alert.  Kids, phones, loud radios, directions, even our  "deep thoughts" can set us up for carjackers and other predators who rely on the element of surprise.  Pay attention to what is going on around the car when coming to a stop. Always leave yourself enough room to pull around the car ahead of you in case a quick getaway is needed.  If someone approaches from one side, make sure someone else isn't sneaking up on the other.  Avoid creating blind spots by hanging coats or clothes in front of windows.
  • Don't Tempt. Keep packages, purses, briefcases, and other valuables in the trunk or out of sight.  Keep the windows up and the doors locked.
  • Know Your Safety Features. GM's OnStar and BMW's Assist let you call for help anytime with a push of a button (automatically if you're in a crash), and pinpoint your location.  Volvo's Personal Car Communicator (PCC) is an advanced remote that controls locking, ignition, security lighting, panic alarm, and can even detects an intruder's heartbeat from a safe distance.  And don't forget the horn. It's still one of the best deterrents available.
  • Avoid Breakdowns. Breakdowns rarely happen at a convenient time or place, and more often than not, put you in a dangerous situation.  While it sounds self-serving, keeping your vehicle well maintained reduces the risk of breakdown.  We recommend a good maintenance check two to four times a year.  Adding an extra half-hour to an oil change is all it takes.
  • Unmarked Police Cars. Predators have been known to pose as police officers. If an unmarked police car tries to pull you over, acknowledge them but find a well lit, populated location to pull over. You can also call 911 to verify if the local police use unmarked cars for traffic violations.  Do not get out of the car or roll down your window.  If the officer is not in full uniform, or can not present an ID card (not just a badge), stay in your locked car and call 911 for help.
  • Keep Keys Handy. Searching for keys is all the time a predator needs to catch you off guard.  Get a carabineer style key ring to quickly and easily clip and unclip your keys to your purse strap or clothes.  Attach a small canister of pepper spray to the key ring for extra protection.
  • Think Twice Before Helping Out. If someone tries to wave you down for help, call 911 rather than stopping. The police are better equipped to help than you.
  • Know where you're going. Always map out your route when going somewhere unfamiliar.  Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Yahoo Maps all offer excellent mapping tools to print out both written directions and visual maps.  Make a second copy to leave with friends or family.  A GPS, either in car or on your phone, keeps you on track and prevents the need to stop and ask for directions.  A GPS also helps others find you in the event you're lost.
  • Park Smart. Park in high traffic, well lit areas.  Avoid parking next to vans and other large vehicles where people can hide.  Attendant pay-lots tend to be safer.  Make sure the car is locked when you leave and locked when you come back.  Check the back seats before getting in.  Check the vehicle next to your driver's side.  If someone is sitting in the passenger seat of the other car or if the other car is running, wait until others are available to make sure you are safe.
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